Shows on Lounge Avenue

We are experimenting with voices on Lounge Avenue Chillout Radio, so starting next week we should be able to air our first show and it will be a Lounge Avenue Top Requests for the previous seven days. 

According to our Request page, which records every request, a top is made every week. We will talk every Monday about last week’s Most Requested Songs and arrange them in a Top 10 or 20, we are not sure yet.

Also, we are thinking about a show about chillout cover songs. Yes, we have a lot of these and we want to bring them upfront and talk about their history and so on.

A nighttime show is on our list too. We don’t have a clear concept yet but it will be ready soon. So, yes, Lounge Avenue Chillout Radio is not just a musicbox. 🙂

Stay tuned for more info.

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