Down for Maintenance

We are upgrading something and it might take 10 to 30 minutes of downtime. Please come back soon. 🙂

nightly playlist

Listen to our nighttime playlist

If there is something we are very proud of, that’s our nighttime playlist which starts playing at 9:00 PM (GMT). It’s a perfect selection of slow bpm songs and some lounge music, everything you need to end your day or to work on some evening projects.

Give it a try and tell us what you think. We know you’ll love it.

New server & Android app

You probably heard some sound checks or maybe had some disconnections last weekend, when we managed to change our server. Finaly, we have something big to work on and we also have to thank two guys who helped with configuring the machine and the website: Dragos and Eugen. Without them, Lounge Avenue | Chillout Radio couldn’t have evolved so nicely.

Also, our Android app is coming to a Play Store near you very very soon and we have plans for an iOS app to be developed next month.

Don’t forget to check out our Request feature. Ask for a song and wait to listen to it on Lounge Avenue.

We are now linked to iTunes music library!

We have great news to share! We finaly linked Lounge Avenue Radio to the iTunes music library so, in case you want to buy songs listened on Lounge Avenue Radio, just click the album cover in the music player on our website and you will be redirected to iTunes where you can purchase the song or the whole album.

Almost every day is a milestone at Lounge Avenue Radio. 🙂

We changed the music’s rotation a bit

After months of tireless listening to our Lounge Avenue radio, we realised our rotation repeated some songs a lot, so we are now trying to find a better way to bring all our songs to you in a more pleasant way. If you like it, don’t hesitate to write us, especialy if you don’t. 🙂

We’ve been added to Uber Stations Directory!

Yes, this is a happy day for us at Lounge Avenue Radio because Uber Stations Radio Directory added us, and this means all radio mobile apps, based on this directory, can search for Lounge Avenue and listen to it very easily, including our favourite – XiiaLive.

You can find more info about the ways to listen to Lounge Avenue – HERE.

Plans to move the server

Our testing period is almost over so we need to move our server in a professional data center, which will require a change in our DNS. If you are listening Lounge Avenue through an audio player, desktop or mobile, you will need our DNS in order to be able to play it after the move. We will publish here all the information you need. If you are listening only on our website, no action is required.

And don’t forget to give us feedback.